lor seselemna kense ilor noga…

before i get into what i wanna say here, i thought i should actually answer the question i left hanging in the last post many months ago… the answer is yes.  yes, i do.  however, after a loooooooooooong conversation with God about it, it became something i could’ve never even imagined in a rather awesome way.  if you do too, PLEASE talk to me about it.  the answer God gave to my prayers completely changed my life in such a crazy way, and i’m absolutely positive that it will do the same for yours. 🙂  anyway…

nakiu aletna sai… lor seselemna kense ilor noga.  kal lor senona ter.  jien… entna sen malibeth, lor nona ter.  lor nona ke entna hai lorna iorkrio ene ilor ilim esto.  iment lor sefuranma.  lor semulona ilor lierith, kal lorna sek smi ene singhanwen u baso ur u bandwa kal alwen sen uhiera, gal… lor letherna ko lor beleona al lasewen kiuset yel.

lor nona folna ke u desino anan ilor ilim alna al Naenamolor Naeseneth ur arion bu u bendefel, kal nakiu embisowen ilor aviot… lor nithena lase mekiu esto.  gal lor nona ke lor suranma aoriel anan wanye elo Nae, kal lor kwaliadna u ugethan alna ke lorna seiarlen, takeriad bae lor feroer al Naenamolor Naeseneth talsim bu ilor bendel oman… kal lor nithena sekan… 🙂

dan folna, lor seselemna fon felithwen tem Naenamolor Naeseneth… lorna iglinyu urel ilor kinal kal lor seselemna kense…


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